About Us

We are a distribution company build by young, inspiring people. Each of us have a unique trait, adding value to the rest of the team. we were positive and honest as well as reasonably, brave and determined to give our best services to our clients. New product variant challenges motivate us to act and constantly look for new and improved services. We're deeply engaged and passionate about our work. That's why while working with us you can always expect to be a couple steps ahead of the competition while reaching your goals and setting new trends. So let's Connect with us


Quality Policy

1. Promise what we can do and do what promised
2. Be a problem-free & reliable supplier with problem-free & consistent products.
3. Provide on time, quality material on every shipment.
4. Monitor, benchmark and continuously improve business, products, services, organization and employees performance.
5. Install Total Quality Management philosophy throughout the organization.
At Himmel Nonwovens family, Quality is one of the most important values. In addition to a semi computerized process control our quality control employing high resolution defect detection allows us to continuously supply 100% quality controlled production supported by modern test and control laboratory equipments